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Google Fiber is Coming to Cedar Park

Google Fiber’s (GFiber) high-speed internet service is coming to Cedar Park
City Council unanimously approved non-exclusive public rights-of-way license agreement with Google FiberTexas, LLC on Thursday, May 9, 2024

The non-exclusive agreement with Google Fiber Texas, LLC will allow the company to install, maintain, and operate a fiber optic infrastructure network in the public rights-of-way for the purposes of offering communications services.
GFiber will be bringing their high-speed, high-bandwidth internet service with up to 8 gigabit service to residential and business customers with no data caps, equipment fees, or annual contracts to Cedar Park.
"Cedar Park is now more globally connected than ever, boasting a diverse community of residents and businesses and our City Council is committed to providing our community as many options as possible for their infrastructure needs. With Google Fiber, we're excited to offer another pathway for internet connectivity. We eagerly anticipate the arrival of Google Fiber's services in our community," stated Mayor Jim Penniman-Morin.
Construction is expected to begin next year, with services available to some Cedar Park residents and businesses in early 2026.
“We are excited to bring GFiber’s fast, reliable, and fairly priced internet service to Cedar Park,” John-Michael Cortez, Government and Community Affairs Manager at GFiber, said. “As central Texas continues to grow, it's important that our communities  have more and better choices for internet service that our families and businesses rely upon. GFiber is committed to not just doing business here, but to also integrate itself as part of the community for years to come.”
In exchange for the use of public rights-of-way, Google Fiber Texas, LLC will pay a license fee to the City of Cedar Park equivalent to 1% of gross revenues.