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Cybersecurity-Improving Today, Protecting Tomorrow

Cybersecurity-Improving Today, Protecting Tomorrow

by Debbie Bishop, Membership Director

The U.S Chamber organized a rountable event with local Chambers on July 10th in downtown Austin about the growing concern for Cybersecurity.  These meetings help gain local Chamber inputs as they lead up to the Third Annual Cybersecurity Summit on October 28 in Washington D.C.  Chamber President Tony Moline and I attended the event at the InterContinental Stephen F. Austin on Congress St, which was right next door to the Paramount where President Obama was speaking.  So there we are advocating for our local businesses and learning all about the current cyber threats while we are right next door to where the President was, and in the room as part of the presentation were members of the U. S. Secret Service, the Department Homeland Security and the FBI.  I figure we are in the safest place in the Nation.

  I looked forward to meeting people at the event but was not sure what I could offer to our local members from this event.  I was very surprised at all I learned that would defiantly affect our local businesses.

Cybersecurity experts often say that there are two types of businesses: Those that have been hacked and know it, and those that have been hacked and don’t know it yet.  As large businesses strengthen their cyber protections, small and medium-size businesses are increasingly the victims of malicious actions.

The Chamber urges businesses to adapt a fundamental internet security practices to reduce network and system weaknesses and make the price of successful hacking increasingly steep.  We recommend that businesses take the following steps:

·        Improve cyber risk management: All businesses should understand common online risks that can lead them to become victims of cybercrime.  Using the framework and similar risk-management tools, such as the Chamber’s Internet security Essentials for Business 2.0 Guidebook, is ultimately about making your business more secure and resilient. 

·        Report cyber incidents:  Perfect online security ifs unattainable, event for large businesses.  Innovative solutions are regularly being brought to market because cyber threats are always changing.  Businesses should report cyber incidents and online crime.  The FBI’s local office number is 512-345-1111. The U.S Secret Service’s local office number is 512-916-5103.

·        Stay engaged:  Cybersecurity is a team sport.  Chamber members are welcome to join the cybersecurity Working Group to stay engaged in the cybersecurity education and frame work awareness campaign - Improving Today. Protecting Tomorrow - and advocate for industry’s cyber policy priorities in Washington, D. C.  Visit  to stay engaged with the Chamber’s cybersecurity education and policy work.



Chamber of Commerce’s nationwide are advocating for the protection of business from cybercrimes while protecting their privacy.  As a business owner it’s nice to know that the Chamber of Commerce is looking out for your interests and working to keep you informed.   This is one of the many ways your investment in the Chamber is important to the business community in our local area.

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